Ameresco Federal Government Solutions

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Deep Energy Retrofits

Cut energy consumption by 50% and improve reliability while reducing emissions.

A power generator inside a central plant at Hill Air Force Base

Energy Efficiency and Infrastructure

Replace aging systems with modern, dependable equipment that provides additional resilience.

Rendering of a microgrid power station at Parris Island

Energy Resiliency

Harden critical energy systems against grid disruption while lowering ongoing energy costs.

On-Site Generation

Reduce or eliminate dependence on grid energy with solutions that include zero-emission options.

Daytime view of three Ameresco minivans in a parking lot

Operations and Maintenance

Privatize to gain expert operational support and replace personnel management with a single budget line item.

Daytime view of the front of the United States Capitol Building

Performance Contracting (ESPC and UESC)

Pay for new infrastructure with energy savings, eliminating the need for up-front budget allocations.

Ameresco, Inc. is a publicly traded corporation specializing in energy efficiency, infrastructure modernization, and energy generation, security, and resiliency solutions in support of Federal agencies and their missions.

Leveraging public-private partnerships that enable private lenders to finance improvements in federal agency infrastructure, we reduce operating expenses, upgrade and maintain facilities, stabilize energy costs, improve occupancy comfort levels, and enhance the reliability of the energy systems that power federal missions.

Ameresco’s in-house team of engineers, construction managers, technicians, and measurement and verification specialists reduce facility energy intensity and revitalize aging infrastructure with long–term operations and maintenance benefits, maximizing agency returns on investment (ROI).

Ameresco’s Energy Security Offering

Mission Support

  • Modernized energy infrastructure
  • Energy security
  • Efficient operations
  • Reliability
  • Affordability


  • In-house development and design engineering
  • Vendor-neutral, customer-focused solutions
  • Creative financing and deal structures


  • Mission assurance
  • Continuous operations
  • Battery energy storage
  • Microgrid solutions
  • Demand response optimization

Why Choose Ameresco?

We’ve been there.

From mission-critical military facilities supporting daily operations to buildings occupied and used by the public, Ameresco has successfully completed energy and water projects with minimal disruption. We have developed installation methods that reduce time on site and have an extensive network of suppliers throughout the United States and overseas. As an independent energy efficiency and renewable energy company, we continually evaluate new technologies and provide our Federal clients solutions aligned to their budgets, mission and key priorities.

We do it all.

Ameresco has in-house teams of energy auditors, energy engineers, design engineers, project managers, construction managers, operations staff and maintenance technicians, allowing our clients to complete projects with a known team. We value the Federal Agency requirements to promote small-business participation and actively utilize and encourage veteran-owned, women-owned and minority-owned businesses.

We’re realistic.

All of our projects begin with an in-depth assessment of the site that is then matched with historical use data and weather data. We then design energy solutions that are feasible and dependable, with predictable long-term performance that meets conservation goals.

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