Our Awards

Winners of the 2013 ENERGY STAR® CHP Award

National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) operates a highly efficient 150 kW combined heat and power (CHP) system at its National Archives Building, which houses the nation’s most significant historical documents, including the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. The CHP system is a key part of NARA’s commitment to meeting energy efficiency and emissions reduction goals established by Executive Orders (EO) 13423 and 13514.

With an operating efficiency of 72 percent, the system requires approximately 24 percent less fuel than grid supplied electricity and hot water from an on-site boiler. The system also prevents emissions of air pollutants, including an estimated 470 tons of carbon pollution annually, equal to that from the generation of electricity used by more than 50 homes.

Two Aegis Energy Services natural gas-fueled internal combustion engines generate electricity used in the building. By recovering otherwise-wasted heat from the engine exhaust, cooling system, and engine block, the system also produces all the hot water needed by the facility, and hot water not needed for conventional uses can help supply the building’s dehumidification system. Documents stored and maintained at the facility are vulnerable to moisture, so dehumidification is crucial.

NARA’s CHP system—developed under an energy savings performance contract (ESPC) with Ameresco—is an excellent example of how federal agencies can use ESPCs to partner with energy service companies (ESCOs) to accomplish energy savings projects without up-front capital costs. Through an ESPC, the ESCO typically pays all costs associated with installing energy-efficient equipment. During the term of the ESPC, a portion of the annual savings from the project—which are $265,000 in this case—is paid to the ESCO. At the end of the ESPC term— for this project, seven years—the customer owns all of the equipment and receives all of the continuing savings.

Based on the success of the National Archives CHP system, NARA installed a similar system at its facility in College Park, Maryland and plans to install additional CHP systems at other NARA facilities.

Savannah River Site

Excellence in Renewable Energy Award for Biomass Project of the Year, Renewable Energy World, DOE Savannah River Cogeneration Facility, Aiken, SC, 2012

Groundbreaker of the Year, International Biomass Conference & Expo produced by BBI International, DOE Savannah River Cogeneration Facility, Aiken, SC, 2012

2012 Excellence in Renewable Energy Awards badge

Hill Air Force Base Landfill Gas to Energy Project Awards

2008 U.S. Air Force Energy and Water Management Award

2006 Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) Federal Energy and Water Management Award

2005 American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Tennessee Environmental Engineering Excellence Honor Award,

2005 State of Utah Energy Champion

2004 Association of Professional Energy Managers (APEM) Energy Champion Award, Hill AFB LFG Project

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (ESPC Project)

2008 Navy Star Safety Award

Ameresco has been selected by the Command of the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to receive the “Navy Star Safety Award”. This is the first award of this type given by PNS under the new Navy MIDLANT Safety Initiative Program. The award is presented in recognition of an excellent safety record, safety initiatives, and development of tools to improve subcontractor safety on the project.

Hill AFB and Ameresco were recognized as a Utah State Energy Champion awarded by Utah chapter of the Association of Professional Energy Managers (APEM), 2004.

Hill AFB and Ameresco received a 2005 Engineering Excellence Honor Award in the Environmental Engineering category from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Tennessee.

National Archives and Records Administration (ESPC Project)

2008 Presidential Awards for Leadership in Federal Energy Management

With an overwhelming proportion of square footage dedicated to records and artifact storage, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) maintains an aggressive energy conservation program. In 2006 NARA developed an agency-wide energy management plan that formalized policy, procedures, and responsibilities for NARA energy management. In FY 2007, NARA’s Energy Management Team focused on the largest and most energy-intensive building in their inventory, implementing major operational changes and infrastructure improvements.

An updated preservation doctrine allowed NARA to modify the air handler programming providing cooling to the document stacks. One handler can now serve two stacks simultaneously—allowing 11 large air handlers to be shut down. An energy savings performance contract (ESPC) provided a complete upgrade to the mechanical and energy management control systems as well as a comprehensive lighting upgrade. NARA used direct appropriations for another project where the team automated the chemical treatment system to the cooling towers and replaced an aging deionization system.

NARA also began on-site energy audits at each of the Presidential Libraries to identify low- and no-cost initiatives as well as cost-effective capital projects. These larger capital projects include a cogeneration system at the Reagan Library and sustainable improvements to the Clinton Library that resulted in LEED Platinum status. In the last two fiscal years, NARA invested more than $7.5 million in energy efficiency projects. As a result, the agency reduced energy intensity by more than 6 percent from FY 2006 and almost 19 percent from the 2003 baseline, representing combined savings of 114 billion Btu, more than $2 million in energy costs, and 5,700 tons in avoided carbon emissions.

Ameressco employees receive a 2008 Presidential Award for their work with the National Archives and Records Administration

Langley Air Force Base

Langley AFB and Ameresco received the Best Multiple Award Construction Contract (MACC) Contractor Award for 2004 from the United States Air Force Headquarters Air Combat Command.

Landfill Methane Outreach (LMOP) Awards

2007 LMOP Industry Partner of the Year

2004 LMOP Industry Partner of the Year

Defense Logistics Agency

“New Contractor of the Year” award received in September 1999. The award was based on performance under a natural gas management contract for the previous year. They cited exceptional customer service, technical expertise and exceptional savings generated.

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Awards

2002 Federal Energy & Water Management Award

2002 Department of Energy Departmental Energy Management Award

Great Lakes Naval Training Center Awards

Multiple Navy Energy Awards

2004 Federal Energy and Water Management Award

2002 Federal Energy and Water Management Award

2003 Energy Users News, Best Institutional Project in the Country

2002 Energy Users News, Best Institutional Project in the Country, Honorable Mention

1998 Excellence in Engineering Award, ASHRAE Illinois Chapter –, Building 533 Energy Retrofit Project

Frost and Sullivan Awards

2008 Frost and Sullivan Entrepreneurial Company Award

2007 Frost and Sullivan U.S. ESCO Emerging Company of the Year Award

2006 Frost and Sullivan North American Energy Services Growth Strategy Leadership of the Year Award

2004 Frost and Sullivan North American Green Excellence of the Year Award