Two United States Coast Guard cutters docked side by side in Maryland

Coast Guard

Ameresco works with the U.S. Coast Guard to meet its mission to optimize energy delivery systems and enhance management programs to support routine and contingent operations effectively, maximize future flexibility, and reduce costs while promoting energy stewardship. Our Coast Guard renewable energy and energy efficiency projects align with the agency’s vision to pioneer cost-efficient, innovative energy solutions in support of all missions in five key areas:

Enhance Operations

Strengthen Energy Reliability and Flexibility

Advance Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Ameresco has extensive experience delivering energy efficiency and renewable energy to U.S. military shipyards and bases in mission-critical areas during daily operations, public-facing facilities, and high-security areas. We provide a single point of contact throughout the project development process who coordinates in-house teams of auditors, energy engineers, project managers, construction managers, system operators and maintenance technicians.

Ameresco is an independent energy company, which allows our Coast Guard clients the freedom to select the systems and equipment that best meet their budgetary, operational and energy needs.

Our experience developing, delivering and commissioning energy efficiency, water and renewable energy solutions, and owning, operating, and maintaining energy plants and systems has taught us how to tailor solutions for the Coast Guard regarding technical feasibility, project costs, equipment performance, and energy costs.

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Daytime aerial view of a portion of the U.S. Coast Guard Yard in Baltimore, Maryland

U.S. Coast Guard Yard Baltimore

Under an historic intergovernmental sales agreement, the City of Baltimore will provide landfill gas to the USCG from the Quarantine Road Landfill, which sits adjacent to the Yard. Ameresco constructed a Renewable Energy Center to combust the landfill gas and provide electricity and steam to the USCG.