People march under a gate with a banner saying, "We Make Marines" at sunset at Parris Island

Marine Corps

Ameresco develops energy security and resiliency solutions with the U.S. Marine Corps to enhance the way they utilize installation energy and resources, and to maximize facilities onshore effectiveness.

Our qualifications for the Marine Corps include experience at mission-critical sites where continuous operations is a necessity; supplier knowledge of bases across the United States and overseas, and extensive experience conducting site surveys and feasibility studies that bring a realistic perspective to clients on the feasibility, costs and energy savings available through traditional and renewable energy upgrades.

With Ameresco’s decades of experience developing remote and grid-tied energy projects and an in-house staff of engineers, project and construction managers, operators and maintenance technicians, we can manage every aspect of a project from conception to financing to operation. We have implemented a wide variety of projects in Marine and DoD bases and buildings, and conducted audits in all types of military facilities, including hangars, maintenance shops, lodging spaces, laboratories, data centers and industrial plant facilities.

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Rendered image of solar canopies in a car park at Parris Island

Parris Island

Extensive solar arrays, combined heat and power generation and microgrid controls help to deliver $6,000,000 in annual energy savings for Parris Island, and they also allow the base to operate critical systems through an on-base system independent of external power grids, improving energy resiliency.

A row of pressurized propane storage tanks at a Marine Corps facility

Marine Corps Base Quantico

Quantico replaced an aging, inefficient central boiler plant with independent boilers in all permanent buildings. A propane-powered backup system provides heat during curtailments, and the efficiency gains allowed the base to qualify for lower-cost natural gas rates, bringing additional cost savings.