Closeup of the side of a Navy plane showing the Navy logo painted on the side


Ameresco partners with the Navy to ensure their access to and use of energy is secure, reliable, and resilient.

We are an industry leader in reliable, resilient, and efficient energy projects, with an in-house team of development and design engineers, construction managers, operators and maintenance technicians with decades of diverse experience in the energy business designing and installing a range of power systems, from grid-tied renewables up to the utility scale, to purpose-built, off-grid, and self-sustaining energy systems. We have extensive supplier knowledge of bases throughout the United States and globally. We are an independent energy company that provides access to the full range of products available, allowing our Navy clients to choose the solutions that best meet their budgets, energy goals, and operational needs.

We have extensive experience working in high-security areas and mission-critical operations centers at Navy facilities to ensure energy systems stay online, recover from power disturbances quickly, and operate efficiently.

Case Studies

Interior view of the central boiler plant at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Normally, the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard operates in a cogeneration mode with Central Maine Power. The installation of gas turbines and backup diesel generators has made the shipyard self-sufficient (if necessary) for the critical requirements of the facility should there be a loss of service from Central Maine Power.

Daytime aerial view of a portion of the Great Lakes NAVFAQ campus with the clock tower in the foreground

Great Lakes Naval Training Center

Ameresco and Great Lakes have implemented over $100 million in facility upgrades. These projects were spread out over multiple phases that included 15 to 20 buildings per phase. Ameresco developed a Master Plan for Great Lakes that focused on leveraging projects based on savings potential to maximize facility upgrades.

Additional Media

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