Rendered image of a microgrid substation at Parris Island

Distributed Generation

Ameresco provides distributed energy solutions that allow Federal agencies to capitalize on the latest technologies, utilizing natural gas and renewable energy resources like solar, geothermal, biomass, and biogas. Ameresco often owns, operates and maintains the energy generation assets we design and install, increasing operational cost savings and decreasing risk to the government.

Ameresco takes a long-term approach to determining the most cost-effective, reliable technology for on-site generation sources, evaluating renewable energy sources, waste heat recovery options and the revitalization of existing assets. The result is generation sources that deliver real, sustained economic benefit while ensuring reliable energy supply.

By combining innovative financing with energy generation solutions, Ameresco delivers reliable and affordable sources of power that provide the best value. Ameresco currently operates more than 300 MW of distributed generation systems.

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Case Studies

Rendered image of solar canopies in a car park at Parris Island

Parris Island

In addition to grid-based power, Parris Island can shift some or all of the load for critical systems to an on-site microgrid that includes battery-backed solar energy generation and backup diesel generators.