Daytime view of three Ameresco minivans parked outside a building

Operations and Maintenance

Ameresco has a dedicated Federal operations and maintenance (O&M) group providing customized levels of service for each customer site. Our services range from annual service calls to 24-hour, 7-day-per-week presence or around-the-clock response based on the quality and service expectations of our customers. Ameresco currently provides O&M, repair and replacement services, spare part inventory services and service call resolution for over 30 Federal installations. Services in scope on our contracts encompass multiple system designs and operations on equipment such as boilers, chillers, steam and chilled water lines, HVAC and process controls, turbines, engines, cooling towers, condensers, pumps, motors, fans, water treatment skids, compressed air systems and many others.

A partnership with Ameresco:

  • Minimizes operational expenses and equipment downtime
  • Lengthens the useful life of equipment
  • Eliminates costs associated with equipment failure
  • Avoids the challenges associated with facility maintenance staff retention and turnover
  • Reduces deferred maintenance backlogs
  • Avoids recurrent crises due to equipment failures

Ameresco takes into account the perspective of all facility stakeholders in the solutions we implement in order to:

  • Deliver quantifiable efficiencies and optimal savings measured, always in alignment with our customers mission-critical facility requirements
  • Provide innovative facility renewal with practical, cost-effective solutions
  • Transfer risk and costs associated with equipment failure away from the client to Optimum Operation
  • Supplement existing maintenance staff with certified technicians to reduce overall operating costs
  • Focus on customer-centric solutions that are technology and brand agnostic – Optimum Operation has zero incentive or directive to sell the products of any particular manufacturer
  • Offer industry leading controls integration solutions
  • Provide top tier O&M solutions with three levels of service:  Tier 1 – Fully Loaded Service; Tier 2 – Intermediate Service; and Tier 3 – Basic Service

Additional Media

Daytime view of two buildings on the Adelphi Laboratory Center campus

Adelphi Laboratory Center

Ameresco designed, installed and will maintain several energy efficiency and renewable energy systems at the Army research center, including 2 MW of carport and rooftop solar systems and a combined heat and power (CHP) system.

Daytime aerial view of the main plant at the Department of Energy Savannah River Site Biomass Cogeneration Facility

DOE SRS Biomass Cogeneration Facility

The largest energy savings performance contract (ESPC) in U.S. history turned a coal-fired plant at the Department of Energy Savannah River Site into a biomass-fueled plant that generates power and heat through cogeneration.

Distant aerial view showing most of the U.S. Coast Guard Yard complex in Baltimore, Maryland

U.S. Coast Guard Yard Baltimore

Under an historic intergovernmental sales agreement, the City of Baltimore will provide landfill gas to the USCG from the Quarantine Road Landfill, which sits adjacent to the Yard. Ameresco constructed a Renewable Energy Center to combust the landfill gas and provide electricity and steam to the USCG.