Daytime view of rows of biogas digesters

Federal Landfill Gas and Biogas Generation

Federal agencies that manage or operate landfills and water treatment facilities may be missing an opportunity to harness waste gas as an energy source. Methane is a ready source of renewable energy that is often flared, delivering exhaust and carbon into the atmosphere. Methane digester systems from Ameresco turn this waste gas into a source of electricity, steam or heat to meet varying energy needs.

With a biogas generation or cogeneration system, Federal government agencies can meet several needs. These systems reduce carbon output, mitigate energy price volatility, reduce reliance on foreign oil and provide a long-term hedge against increases in energy prices. Through an ESPC or renewable energy credits, Ameresco may be able to complete military and civilian landfill gas and biogas projects with no up-front capital costs.

Additional Media

Distant aerial view showing most of the U.S. Coast Guard Yard complex in Baltimore, Maryland

U.S. Coast Guard Yard Baltimore

Under an historic intergovernmental sales agreement, the City of Baltimore will provide landfill gas to the USCG from the Quarantine Road Landfill, which sits adjacent to the Yard. Ameresco constructed a Renewable Energy Center to combust the landfill gas and provide electricity and steam to the USCG.

President Barack Obama delivers remarks to soldiers at a podium in front of solar panels at Hill Air Force Base

President Obama Remarks at Hill Air Force Base

President Barack Obama delivered remarks at Hill Air Force Base in Utah, outlining his plan to train 75,000 solar workers by the year 2020. The backdrop for the event was a solar energy plant designed and built by Ameresco that has been in operation since the year 2009.