Three workers place geothermal piping in a trench at NASA Wallops Flight Center

Federal Geothermal Energy Systems

Federal geothermal projects from Ameresco allow facility and building operators to provide heating and cooling with increased energy efficiency. A geothermal system pumps air through an underground network of pipes, acting as a heat exchange that uses the constant air temperature below ground to reduce the amount of energy required to raise or lower air temperatures to comfortable levels.

Illustration of air flow through a geothermal pump in heating mode

Geothermal systems are not dependent on weather conditions, which makes these energy systems viable in all regions of the United States. Ameresco maximizes the value of its geothermal systems by drilling test bore holes on every site, measuring the geothermal properties and custom engineering systems that meet the known seasonal heating and cooling needs of facilities. We have developed installation methods that reduce time on site and we specialize in large-scale geothermal projects.

As a full-service energy provider, Ameresco optimizes a building’s overall performance and manages costs by analyzing current energy use, then custom engineering a geothermal energy system that can provide up to 100% of needed heating, cooling and hot water.

Ameresco develops geothermal systems for U.S. government agencies in the military and civilian sectors that offer cost effective solutions that integrate fully into all types of buildings. Through different types of contracts, such as design/build, power purchase agreements or energy savings performance contracts, we offer simple financing solutions that can help institutional facility managers meet sustainability mandates within existing budgets, or allow Federal agencies to upgrade new or existing properties with minimal up-front costs. We also offer attractive pricing for those who want to purchase geothermal systems.

Case Studies

Ameresco employees and GSA staffers gather to recognize the completion of retrofits at two Federal buildings

Ameresco and GSA Join to Recognize Deep Energy Retrofit Project

The White House Council on Environmental Quality joined the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to recognize a deep energy retrofit project constructed by Ameresco for the GSA at two federal buildings just outside of Washington, D.C.

Daytime aerial view of a portion of the facilities at NASA Wallops Flight Center, with a launch pad in the foreground

NASA Wallops Flight Facility

Through NASA’s partnership with Ameresco, the Wallops Flight Facility is expected to save the equivalent of 9,738 metric tons of CO2 per year.