Daytime view of a wind farm with a large wind turbine in the foreground

Federal Wind Energy Projects

Wind energy projects for Federal agencies promise an effective, renewable source of energy both for large-scale power needs and for remote, off-grid applications. Improvements in wind turbines have led to greater adoption, and the ability to site wind power systems on land or sea makes this form of energy particularly useful for Federal agencies that must operate remotely across a range of terrain.

Wind farms can provide a self-contained power source at utility scale, while individual wind turbines can meet remote energy needs in any environment with the right weather conditions. Depending on your energy needs, a wind energy solution may have a smaller footprint than an equivalent solar solution, and wind provides energy 24 hours day, making it a better choice for critical systems.

Our Capabilities

Ameresco has developed wind energy solutions ranging from supplemental energy to lower grid energy use to utility-scale wind farms. We begin these projects with an in-depth site analysis and audit of each client’s energy needs, then match our data to historical weather records to determine the optimum location and scale of a wind system. The result of this process is a feasible project that will deliver predictable, reliable performance.

As an independent renewable energy company serving Federal agencies, we provide access to the full range of power-generating equipment available. Our in-house team of experienced wind engineers can design a solution that meets your goals for budget and reliability, and we have in-house capabilities to build, operate, analyze and maintain wind systems for those who prefer a comprehensive approach to renewable energy. We assist in arranging financing through energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs), Utility Energy Service Contracts (UESCs) or Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), potentially eliminating up-front costs for wind power systems.